Power outage

More than 3 million Puerto Ricans are without power and thousands are sleeping outdoors after earthquakes toppled homes.
One 82-year-old man was stuck in a powerless wheelchair for 36 hours, and an 84-year-old woman was up all night without machines to keep her heart working.
As strong winds are expected over the weekend, utility companies are warning of possible widespread electricity shutoffs to prevent more fires.
“Californians should not pay the price for decades of PG&E’s greed and neglect,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said.
Authorities blamed an “electromagnetic attack” on a series of dams located in southern Venezuela for the latest power outage.
Many places facing excessive heat this weekend have no air conditioning, with cities opening shelters for people to cool off.
A power shortage forced thousands of people into the streets of Manhattan. Then the singing began.
Electricity is almost fully restored as of Sunday evening to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, after what one leader called an "unprecedented" power failure.
The blizzard has already caused widespread power outages and forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights.
About 60,000 people in Northern California have been without power since Sunday night.