Power outage

Authorities blamed an “electromagnetic attack” on a series of dams located in southern Venezuela for the latest power outage.
Many places facing excessive heat this weekend have no air conditioning, with cities opening shelters for people to cool off.
A power shortage forced thousands of people into the streets of Manhattan. Then the singing began.
Electricity is almost fully restored as of Sunday evening to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, after what one leader called an "unprecedented" power failure.
The blizzard has already caused widespread power outages and forced the cancellation of hundreds of flights.
About 60,000 people in Northern California have been without power since Sunday night.
The island's electric provider said Monday that only 25 customers remained without power.
This is the second time in less than a week that a major power outage has affected the U.S. territory.
Last Sunday, we saw the first of the elk entering our property.
Additionally, airport fire and police personnel were dispatched to staff the Terminals to assist any passengers by literally
Power company Pepco was not immediately available for comment. (Reporting by Doina Chiacu and Lisa Lambert; Editing by Emily
In case you missed it somehow, half a million people in Michigan lost power this past week after a horrendous ice storm. Not only was it the Christmas season, but this was after 300,000 had lost power less than two months ago in another storm.
We are a nation with a history of looking at what needs to be done, learning from our experiences, and then taking action. We must -- and we will -- continue doing what needs to be done so that our nation is prepared to meet these evolving challenges.
Brooklyn residents eat by candlelight August 14, 2003 in a Brooklyn restaurant during the power outage. (Photo by Robert
As the long hours slipped by, something hopeful started to happen -- the urge for community began to overtake the feelings of despair. Neighbors in our apartment building propped open their doors and met in the pitch-black hallway. The kids entertained themselves.