Power outage

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Police named an unlikely culprit that they believed caused an outage in a New Jersey community earlier this month.
Powerful winter fronts have dumped heavy snow in the north since last week.
Officials are seeking to determine if equipment damage was part of a "coordinated attack on the power systems," according the local sheriff's office.
Tens of thousands of Moore County residents are still without electricity after what officials say was a targeted attack on the local power grid.
A record-breaking winter storm has killed more than a dozen people across the country. In Texas, millions are without power as electrical grids fail due to snow and cold. In North Carolina, a deadly tornado ripped a county to pieces.
The rodent that reportedly caused the power outage "infiltrated a piece of equipment" in the community on Friday.
With extreme weather comes more power outages. Stay prepared with these portable generators recommended by the experts.
One of the largest power outages on the island since Hurricane Maria has left nearly 1 million households without electricity going on two days now.
Some areas could see up to half an inch of ice, creating dangerous conditions and threatening power lines.