According to McClatchy, Michael Cohen’s cell phone pinged towers near Prague in late summer 2016, suggesting he may have taken the trip he denies taking.
The account features shots from films including "EuroTrip," "Van Helsing" and "Mission: Impossible."
Trump’s lawyer is doubling down after McClatchy DC reported the special counsel can prove a big part of the Steele dossier.
When it comes to gyms in Prague, there’s a broad spectrum to choose from. Some are pretty basic, some are fancy af. Spa and
The decision comes weeks after poachers broke into a French zoo and slaughtered a rhino for its horn.
"It wasn't the first time I have done that. It's something like the fourth time."
He and his partner are on an "amazing journey" with her in Europe.
When in 2014 I cycled across southern California I passed near Mt. Baldy, where Cohen spent years in solitary pursuit of Zen enlightenment. Gazing at the snow-capped mountain not far from L.A., I smiled remembering Cohen's observation that he spent endless hours there shoveling snow.
The story behind the engagement ring is even more romantic than the photos. 🏰