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Nittolo recalled her painful flight home from the Dominican Republic after Liotta died — and shared a stunning coincidence about her grandmother.
The "Goodfellas" actor died last May at age 67.
"Everyone deserves a Ray in their life," said Karsen Liotta, who accepted a star on behalf of her late father.
The famed actor "was so happy. He was laughing. It was just delightful,” said Banks.
The honor will arrive nearly nine months after the actor’s unexpected death.
Hauser gave a galvanizing salute to Liotta, whose final TV role before his death in May was in the Apple TV+ series "Black Bird."
Liotta and Egerton portray a beleaguered father and son in the AppleTV+ true crime series "Black Bird," due out July 8.
The "Goodfellas" actor appears opposite Taron Egerton in the true crime drama, due out on Apple TV+ July 8.
The "Goodfellas" star, who died in his sleep earlier this week, was engaged to be married to Jacy Nittolo.
Ray Liotta tells HuffPost Live about how his tough guy "Goodfellas" character often makes his daughter's boyfriends nervous.