red flag law

Colorado Democrats have questioned why law enforcement did not use the law after the shooting suspect was arrested following a bomb threat in 2021.
The president said he'd "start counting votes" on the heels of two deadly mass shootings around the country this week.
Police feared Brandon Hole would get back the gun they had confiscated a year ago, though he ended up buying two semiautomatic rifles.
A study of 21 individuals barred from owning firearms found none were later involved in gun violence.
"There should be something on guns. There should be a better background check,” one man said.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has so far refused to take up two House bills that would expand background checks for gun purchases.
The laws, thrust into the spotlight after recent mass shootings, have garnered bipartisan support as other gun control measures flounder.
A total of 26 states have passed 55 gun safety laws since the February massacre at a Florida high school.
It’s at least the eighth state to enact a law since the Florida shooting. It lays out a legal process for the temporary seizure of guns from people deemed to be dangerous.
The number of states that allow courts to disarm people showing warning signs of violence has doubled since the February massacre.