People have commented: "You're fat." "Whale. "Ugly." So let me tell you — once and for all — about my body.
I’ve worked toward self-acceptance. I just wish the rest of the world would catch up.
Cathy Thorne's cartoons find the humor in meditation, yoga, self-acceptance and more.
It's taken years years of hard work to get to the confident place where this body-positive model is now.
The talk show host has gained 20 pounds -- and taken control of her life.
So that is my reminder for you and for myself this week. let me say it again: ALL. SO. PERFECT. That we are ENOUGH. And then
Here are eight ways to jumpstart your journey to self-acceptance:
Happiness doesn't come from a full head of hair or having eyebrows.
Behind this body, and this smile, there’s a story you’ll never truly know. While my business is my body, I too feel the daily
Over the past few years, opposition to reparative and conversion therapies have gained momentum. Robert Spitzer, whose research
Don't believe everything you think, and definitely don't believe everything everyone else thinks. Notice it. Question it. Pay attention, and then see how it correlates with reality. Do some research. If there is a discrepancy, reality wins.
"As much as I love being bald, it’s not without its challenges."
Remind yourself that life choices are different for different people at different times in their lives. That other people's beliefs might not always apply.
As a disabled person, this realization has not left me defeated, but instead, free to focus on that which I can do. Free to shape my life and my goals according to my needs. Free to accept that it is not necessary to be able "to do anything" so long as I am proud of the "something" I can do.
See what happened there? Those three simple letters changed everything. All of a sudden it wasn't that I couldn't do something...but that I couldn't do it at this moment. And, if I wanted to, I could do it in the future.
I’m on my priority list ― each and every day.
People went banana-land on social media over Meg Ryan's appearance at the Tony Awards. Too much plastic surgery, what was she thinking? Poor cute Meg. Let's blame the movie industry because there aren't any parts for women when they get older (unless you're Meryl Streep).
So let's have a go, shall we? Less than that? You probably want to look at making a change. How you feel when you wake up