OO Republican Political Donors Install Nearly As Much Solar As Democratic Donors - political party affiliation doesn't matter
In this context Shell's Springboard programme is risible in it's meanness. This is not a credible commitment to our collective
After months of hints, rumors, and previews, Taco Bell is finally releasing a fried chicken taco shell. The Naked Chicken Chalupa is a chalupa with fried chicken in place of a regular tortilla shell, and it's being tested out in select locations in California and other markets.
OO Siberia: Areas Leaking Methane 200 Times Faster Than Usual, Massive Releases Creating Giant Holes, 'Trembling Tundras
* * Without coral reefs, many beachside hotels and coasts will be more vulnerable to flooding and storm damage. BUT this
"Given the current environment, our prospects in the Chukchi Sea are not competitive within our portfolio," said ConocoPhillips