sick leave

They didn't get much help from Republicans who professed to support the working class.
The paid sick leave measure seems unlikely to make it through the Senate and to President Joe Biden’s desk.
Workers may walk off the job – or be locked out by their employers – if they can’t reach a deal by the Friday deadline.
An app would let domestic workers accrue pay they’re owed — but in practice rarely get — to take sick days or care for loved ones.
Paid family and medical leave is on the chopping block. Democrats are scrambling to find a compromise to protect at least new parents.
A new survey shows Black and Latino workers in particular are concerned about missing work -- and pay -- because of the vaccine's side effects.
Without Republican support, Democrats can't require companies to provide paid time off to workers — just some weak tax credits instead.
In March, Congress guaranteed workers up to two weeks of fully paid sick leave if they contract COVID-19. Republicans blocked an extension to the mandate.
Republicans show no interest in extending emergency paid sick and family leave, even though the successful programs are vital in a pandemic.