sick leave

A San Francisco elementary school teacher fighting breast cancer must pay for her replacement while on sick leave — all because of a 1970s state law.
Gov. Rick Snyder's signature on the bills is part of a wider push by conservatives to tamp down growing demand for fair wages and real paid sick leave.
The state's Republicans are desperately trying to undermine incoming Democrats and progressive measures.
“We consider it just an undermining of democracy, the will of the people, and a slap in the face to all of the work that we did,” said one activist.
Twenty-two states bar cities from mandating paid sick leave.
The so-called "Flex" work bill would allow companies to flout existing laws that benefit workers.
A HuffPost investigation finds former staffers feel the company is intent on replacing older managers with younger, lower-paid workers.
Even worse than the dog eating your homework.
Trump promised to help workers, but it’s new state and local laws that are actually making a difference.
Work-life balance isn't really possible under these circumstances.
I think it is time to address this. Sooner rather than later. Obviously, this description of the "sick role" does not apply
Other countries offer their working parents family and medical leave that is of longer duration and at least partially paid. The U.S. is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, yet we are amongst the 112 countries (out of 145) that do not provide paid leave away from work to care for adult family members.
President Barack Obama signed an executive order on Labor Day requiring that federal contractors provide their employees with paid sick leave, the latest in a string of executive actions aimed at raising the bar in the U.S. workplace.
Federal contractors will have to offer employees up to seven days of leave per year.