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The agency denied seeking policy advice from former Prime Minister Stephen Harper at a meeting arranged by a top Comcast lobbyist over text messages.
Muslims like me are scared and we have every right to be.
Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Whoopi Goldberg and others have each been honored with the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain award
A woman can wear a burka or she can walk the streets stark naked (or anything in between). It doesn't matter! Her safety cannot be guaranteed in either case. What can be guaranteed is that if and when she is harmed, some people will make public their opinion about how what she was wearing contributed to the crime.
Environmentalists praised the decision, which House Speaker Paul Ryan called "sickening."
TORONTO -- Voters woke up on Tuesday morning to find that the most powerful people in their government were all under 45. The boomers no longer control Canada. That fact is a transformation to the underlying structure of Canadian political life. And youth wanted the old Canada back, it turns out. Trudeau's election revealed that the traditional Canadian values -- multiculturalism and socialism -- are just too strongly embedded in the national consciousness to be seriously budged.
They don't think Canada's new leader really wants to argue over the pipeline.
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Climate science has a different calendar -- fossils must essentially be gone by 2050. That extra 50 years is, to coal and oil, worth fighting for -- and natural gas is oil's alternative of choice. Their secret weapon? Ever lower prices.
After a decade of conservative rule, the liberal party led by Justin Trudeau has decisively won Canada’s general election.
Our election process would benefit by adopting this Canadian approach to politics. We should drastically shorten the campaign period, which now begins almost three years before the election. This year's Canadian election was the longest in history. 78 days.
In an effort to stop the Conservatives, some voters aren't going with the party they actually want.
Canada’s national election concludes Monday. Current Prime Minister Stephen Harper is hoping to best liberal challenger Justin Trudeau. But plurality will determine the outcome. We discuss the issues at stake in our northern neighbor's election.