Steve Schmidt

Schmidt, who reveals he was molested as a boy, says he's "incandescently angry" at co-founder John Weaver, who is accused of sexual harassment.
Harassment allegations and spending revelations raise significant questions about the management of one of the highest-profile antagonists of Trump.
It's difficult to sue for defamation, but "our lawyers are telling us that Rudy is well across the line, so we’re thrilled about this,” said co-founder Steve Schmidt.
Steve Schmidt says “there’s nothing that frankly comes even close."
Steve Schmidt accused the former Republican vice presidential nominee of "paranoia, pathological lying, profound ignorance, brittleness and insanity."
Trump's aides are worried that the president's 2020 re-election campaign is starting to run out of time.
Steve Schmidt slammed Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic, comparing him with his predecessor.
Steve Schmidt warned Trump is "not in a position" politically to avoid escalating tensions with Iran.
This president has to go, even if it means Democratic control of Congress, members of the new Lincoln Project wrote in a New York Times op-ed.
“I’m not doing this," said Steve Schmidt as he stormed out.