Steve Schmidt

“I’m not doing this," said Steve Schmidt as he stormed out.
Steve Schmidt, a veteran of the George W. Bush White House, tweeted that the Republican Party "has become a danger to our democracy and values."
If only elected officials in the Republican Party would stand up to Fox News like school shooting survivor David Hogg did.
Steve Schmidt's reality check: The Senate nominee is accused of "molesting a little girl."
Steve Schmidt also says the White House is a "latter-day zoo."
CNN commentator says Republicans are "missing" their spine.
Maybe this, together with all the dark talk of "rigged elections" from Trump will finally provide a dash of enthusiasm for Clinton, here at the homestretch -- it'd certainly be a fitting end to the most bizarre presidential campaign of everyone's lifetimes.
If Sarah Palin has been consistent about anything, it's that she's been a backstab artist her entire political career. As predictably as the melting of Alaska's glaciers, Palin blamed the dust-up between Trump and McCain on "those on the Left and lazy media lapdogs."
On Tuesday, Plouffe talked up the former first lady's chances at becoming the first female U.S. president in 2016, during
With less than eight weeks to go till the California primary election, Governor Jerry Brown holds a commanding lead over the multi-partisan field.
“A lot of Republicans I think tonight look at Ted Cruz and wish Ted Cruz would go back to Canada,” Schmidt said during an
Ted Cruz wanted to be on television. That's pretty much it, in terms of any effective result that he achieved. In fact, it was so obvious that the worst invective against Cruz continues to come from his own party.
Maddow has become for this generation what William F. Buckley Jr. was for a previous generation -- the embodiment of the American public intellectual. Of course, because her politics are the opposite of Buckley's politics, this fact drives the right wing up the wall.
Banned from attacking Ayers? Not at all. Palin's assault was scripted by the very "elitists" and the "brainiacs in the GOP machine" she continues to malign.
Roberts is a Stepford judge - the tip of the spear of the conservative movement's three decade long march through the judiciary - a robotic ideologue ceaselessly committed to undermining legal protections for the vulnerable while further stacking the deck in favor of the already-powerful.