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“Bhangra is the thing, I think, that keeps me sane,” one student says.
As both a Gay-Straight Alliance Sponsor for McKinley Tech High School in Washington, D.C., and an LGBT Liaison for my school district, I have learned -- and am excited to share -- a number of tips that can help Gay-Straight Alliances make schools safer and more supportive for all students.
In the massive California State University system, as at some other universities, new anti-discrimination rules for student groups mean it can no longer be required that the president of the Christian student fellowship is Christian.
When pluralism is wrongly defined, nonsensical policies result. In the California State University system, for example, sororities and fraternities are explicitly exempted from gender discrimination in selecting leaders, while faith-based groups are not.
We have ceded the PR ground to Israel's enemies. The price paid is steep. What good is having Apache helicopter gunships, or Merkava tanks, to defend your citizens against attack if you can't even use them because the world thinks you're always the aggressor?
Welcome to college, where the classes are harder, the parties are crazy and the clubs are wild. And we don't mean the clubs that you dance at on a Saturday night with your best friends (unless we're talking swing dance club) -- we mean student organizations.
I am hereby declare colleges and universities officially past the point of hiring an outside speaker to do LGBTQ 101. Yes, booking this former stand-up-comic-snarky-gay-Jew looks great on a flyer, but they need to be the ones doing the presenting.
Or maybe it is me? FIRE put together a broad coalition including the the ACLU of Pennsylvania, Christian Legal Society, Feminists
Should a student religious group at a public university be allowed to bar a certain group of students from membership -- gay