I know it works because I see it every day. Communities succeed when children succeed. Children succeed when their parents succeed. But in a storm, even the most ferocious swimmer can't make it to shore without a lifeboat.
LePage sees the resemblance. He's called himself ''Donald Trump before Donald Trump became popular," and "Baby Donald."
Low-income moms know the truth of how policies fail, and their knowledge is critical to change them.
The maps showcase three different aspects of TANF's safety net and illustrate how they've varied over time and from state
It's time to stop pretending children can succeed when their parents don't.
Civil liberties advocates say this kind of legislation perpetuates harmful stereotypes about poor people.
President Obama included in his budget an important initiative to strengthen the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program.
When various Republican presidential candidates present their views on addressing poverty at a January 9 forum in South Carolina, some may seek to align themselves with House Speaker Paul Ryan's proposal to combine funding for numerous safety net programs into what would essentially be a mega-block grant to states. However, Paul Ryan's "Opportunity Grant" proposal carries substantial risk of increasing poverty, rather than reducing it.
He's setting up a stark contrast from Mitt Romney's campaign.