tegan and sara

The sibling singers discuss coming out, looking back to move forward, and their evolution both as queer artists and people.
The singer and co-founder of the LoveLoud Festival says he's more impassioned than ever to bring about change for the community.
"Faint of Heart" pays tribute to Elvis, Prince, Madonna and more.
But don't talk to her about salad. She finds it very boring.
The musicians have mastered menswear. Could this be why?
The twin synthpop duo gets real about James Corden and their changing sound.
Image: Giphy A dog ... Image: Giphy Comedy trio The Lonely Island joined Tegan and Sara at the Oscars on Sunday for a performance
He credits social media with fast-tracking the band's success and says the effort has really paid off. They began writing
This year, in celebration of their 10th year anniversary, 10 bands performed their classic albums in their entirety.
Outside Lands in it's seventh installment has completed it's transformation from a traditional rock and roll festival to a Coachella of Northern California. What used to drive Outside Lands were bands like Pearl Jam, Muse, Furthur, and Radiohead. Today, the headliners can be some of the quietest parts of the night.
The artists I saw at Outside Lands this year were impressive across the board, but today all I want to do is listen to the entire Kanye West setlist on repeat.