The Dallas Morning News

The editorial board hailed O'Rourke’s “inclusive and hopeful tone” over that of opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R), whom it called “a cutting figure in today’s politics.”
But it's keeping the part about Moses informing America's founding documents.
Even his own mom calls him a bigot, but former judge Vickers Cunningham insists his opposition to interracial and same-sex marriage didn't affect his rulings.
The Dallas Morning News and anti-abortion groups are distancing themselves from Kristen Hatten.
Nigel Garrett admitted to a string of home invasions near Dallas. Three accomplices await sentencing.
He "was a wolf in priest's clothing," the prosecutor said.
"I want the cops to come so that they can f**k you up, that’s what I want," she can be heard saying in an audio clip.
Police say the body is "most likely" that of Sherin Mathews, the 3-year-old Texas girl missing for more than two weeks.
“We’re trying to put all the puzzle pieces together,” authorities said.
A new report reveals that officers didn't find any contraband before one of them fatally shot the 15-year-old.
Dallas County prosecutors have charged former Balch Springs police officer Roy Oliver, 37, with murder.