The Dallas Morning News

The former congressman was in stable condition after having been airlifted to a hospital, according to his Facebook page.
"Our fate rests in your hands," declares a Dallas Morning News editorial explaining why it won't recommend a presidential candidate but will discuss ideas.
And she's not happy about what she considers a lack of WNBA support when she took two months off for postpartum depression this season.
Joshua Brown, a key witness in the trial of ex-Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, was shot dead on Friday.
Joshua Brown lived across from Botham Jean and provided a key witness account at Amber Guyger's trial in September.
The editorial board hailed O'Rourke’s “inclusive and hopeful tone” over that of opponent Sen. Ted Cruz (R), whom it called “a cutting figure in today’s politics.”
But it's keeping the part about Moses informing America's founding documents.
Even his own mom calls him a bigot, but former judge Vickers Cunningham insists his opposition to interracial and same-sex marriage didn't affect his rulings.
The Dallas Morning News and anti-abortion groups are distancing themselves from Kristen Hatten.
Nigel Garrett admitted to a string of home invasions near Dallas. Three accomplices await sentencing.