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"Guys, is dressing provocatively in expensive suits whilst having too much to drink causing you to get mugged?"
The star of "Tracy Ullman's Show" heaped praise on women comics.
There is a lot to like in Into the Woods but there is also a lot more that should have been better. If the playfulness and emotions inherent in Sondheim's songs had been delivered, the movie would not have been just good -- it would have been great.
Missing from Monday's lunch at The Leopard, Meryl Streep, wicked as an ugly witch in Rob Marshall's movie adaptation of Stephen
Beginning Thursday, the New York City Center Encores! series will kick off a special 12-performance run of the newly adapted musical, The Band Wagon.
News that Encores! here in New York is mounting a "new stage adaptation" of The Band Wagon as a "Special Event" beginning Thursday filled my girls with wonder, and not a little moral outrage. "Why?" they cried! All I could think to reply was: Why not?
I don't necessarily get Encores! special events as a concept. However I'm happy such things exist. I hope The Band Wagon is great and has a future life. But if it doesn't live on, at least there is time to see it next week at City Center.
When I heard that one of the original members of Monty Python, Eric Idle, was having a limited run of his new play, What About Dick?, at downtown's Orpheum Theatre, I immediately booked a ticket.
It's a gorgeous spring day in Manhattan, which seems to have both actor Kevin Kline and writer-director Lawrence Kasdan restless.
"I saw her on your show last week talking about the Sleep Challenge," Ullman said. "Don't take your computer to bed...don't
Ullman also appears as Arianna in the scene, getting her make-up done next to Maddow. "Tracey Ullman's State of the Union
Tina Fey revealed that when she worked in Chicago with Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell, one of them was a notorious ladies
Ms. Ullman's proclivity for spoofing the designer community and its oddball characters is largely rooted in her admiration
On last night's season premiere of Tracey Ullman's "State of the Union," she had a go at Arianna and Barack Obama. The spoof
Back for a second season on Showtime's Sunday lineup, Tracey Ullman mixes over-the-top comedic entertainment with astute observation.
Right from the opening guitar riffs of the megahit "My Life Would Suck Without You" (ours too, Kelly), we are hooked on Clarkson's poppy, essential album that features tons of likely chart shredders.
Tracey Ullman's new sketch comedy series on Showtime features repeated segments of Ullman portraying HuffPost founder and
Renee Zellweger went on Letterman Thursday night to promote "Leatherheads" when the subject of Tracey Ullman's spot-on impression