wildlife rehab

When the MHS truck arrived at WildCare, the cat's low growling was audible. After some discussion, it was determined that
There was just enough light for us to enjoy the next half hour as each of the four flew to perches often quite literally
A great deal of that hands-on rehab is performed by hundreds of dedicated volunteers, my wife Carolyn among them. With the urging then of my very special volunteer and following plans provided by our professional wildlife staff, we've constructed a spacious enclosure in our backyard.
"Cuddle Coats is a way to give fur back to the animals"
Katie Deline-Ray is affectionately known by her loved ones as the "crazy nest lady." She isn't quite sure how many mini handmade
This Peregrine was found near San Francisco International Airport in July, grounded and suffering head trauma. He was released last week from the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA's Center for Compassion following a successful feather implant procedure.
Two bear cubs that were orphaned after their mother was shot by a Colorado Division of Wildlife officer in August are healthy