windows 10

Microsoft declared its beloved graphics program "deprecated" and said updates will cease this year.
By Tim Moynihan for WIRED. In all likelihood, 3-D printing will forever remain a niche thing. But if you or your kid happen
Well the bottom-line today, as we see it. If you upgrade today to Windows, you will be eligible to get all future updates
Here is my experience. It is admittedly anecdotal, but throughout the past hellish week nearly a dozen friends have shared
WHY IS MICROSOFT DOING THIS? I'm not sure, but I'm guessing it is all about the money. Microsoft may be giving away "free
The sad truth is that no system is perfect and vulnerabilities are a part of the tech industry. Unfortunate but true, this
Just a couple years back, who would have thought Dell would produce the laptop to beat? Dell has always been successful, but hasn't always been known for building top-quality products.
The Vaporware Award is bestowed upon the creators of Mass Effect - - - BioWare and Electronic Arts - - - who have been constantly
This may be the fastest adoption rate for any of Microsoft's operating system.
When you have a nonworking computer, being stuck between the OS developer and hardware manufacturer is the worst place to be. Both companies do their best to keep customers at bay with automated phone numbers and websites with forms and autoresponders.
It's been installed on more than 75 million devices, Microsoft says.