za'atari refugee camp

Actress Olivia Wilde traveled to the Za'atari refugee camp to speak with the kids who call it home.
I, myself, was once a displaced person. As a child in war-torn Korea, I saw my village destroyed. Today, I am determined that the United Nations does everything in its power to help refugees everywhere to keep their dreams alive.
In the harshest of environments, Syrian creativity is fostering abundant commerce in a camp of roughly 90,000 refugees. In a climate where roots take time to develop, climbing floral gardens, fragrant mint and even watermelons grow.
What happens when the smiling young children who greeted us with "hellos" become teenagers who have grown up in the confines of Za'atari? If they see no future, they will become vulnerable to manipulation and radicalization. We have seen it before. We're about to see it again. The world must step up and act now.
ZAATARI CAMP, Jordan (AP) — Jordan's Zaatari camp for Syrians fleeing their country's civil war is one of the largest refugee
"Thank God, we have clean facilities and safe instruments in such a refugee camp," a new mother who identified herself as
4. US Secretary State John Kerry looks out of a helicopter's window at Zaatari refugee camp on July 18, 2013 while flying