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The "Justice League" director had a one-word response.
“Army of the Dead” is Zack Snyder's new apocalyptic action flick.
The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut campaign worked, and the resulting film is often bombastically excessive — but certainly more interesting than the theatrical cut.
The studio supposedly thought it stepped in it with the superhero movie.
The director's retooled version of the disappointing superhero film hits HBO Max next month.
The actor, known for playing Cyborg, has been vocal about alleged abuse on the movie's set and slammed DC Films president Walter Hamada on Twitter.
“I think that all of us DC directors tossed that out just as much as the fans did," Jenkins said of the film.
After years of campaigning, fans will finally get their wish to see director Zack Snyder's darker vision of the film.
When it comes to his thoughts on Batman and Superman leaving, Aquaman dives right in.
Snyder is focusing on his family after the death of his 20-year-old daughter.
It has been called dark, somber, convoluted, overstuffed, loud, fascist, nihilistic -- and the descriptions go on. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has touches of all that, some more than others. But it's still worth the watch.
Justice dawned at the box office to the tune of record-breaking $167 million opening weekend, but the questions remains: Is
Of course, the problem goes much deeper than what sure feels like a fundamental misunderstanding on Snyder's part as to these
Maybe Zack Snyder could have learned a thing or two about comics if he'd read some instead of just flipping through and looking at the pretty pictures. Instead of watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you'd do better to read the comics.
I've been following the film's development pretty closely, and I've seen both trailers put out so far about half a million times. That being said, I've seen some red flags go up.
Batman and Superman won't face off until next year, but the two superheroes are already making their presence known in a