“It seems we will ever want what we cannot have,” he wrote in one letter.
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She invites other people to join the #bootyflipchallenge.
Can we see how this concern about forgetting is uppermost in the minds of young students as they enter into the Back To School Season? After all, everything in our culture is telling them to forget. Even memorials themselves are memorials that are at base memorials of forgetting.
Activists complained the college failed to properly punish attackers, but an Education Department report disagrees.
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Sure, it is hard to listen without going apoplectic as someone who supports the no-growth Neighborhood Integrity Initiative
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En route to Occidental I make a mental note to stop at the Bohemian Creamery next time I'm in town. The entire town is a
Students in general, students of color in particular, and Black students even more so, are rightfully angry and upset about many aspects of our society in general and their colleges and universities in particular.
Students occupying the administration building want to boot President Jonathan Veitch for his handling of racism and sexual assault complaints.
The president said last week, "I'm happy to resign."
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They both went on to live their lives separately. Though they never lost the love for each other, they both married other people. But fate wouldn't let those last.
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Except perhaps on Halloween, most of us don't like to see faces hidden by hoods, which suggest mystery and sometimes menace. So you may well imagine that even a patient suffering from Ebola might feel alienated by the sight of a health care worker totally enveloped in a protective suit--no matter how much help that worker might have to offer.
The consultants' report does not comment on the validity of sanctions handed out by the university to students found responsible
Because colleges and universities are tax-exempt institutions and receive other forms of government subsidies, policymakers can and should insist that they meet some basic standards in promoting economic diversity among their student bodies.