Teri Szucs

Blogger, Spanish Interpreter,,

Teri Szucs is a political activist for the progressive movement in the United States. She is entrenched in the politics of the day and her writing and political organizing have helped shape the debates on Health Care and our last elections. Political commentators Rachel Meadow, Keith Olberman and Ed Schultz have all used her words and ideas. Born in Uruguay, South America, where her father emigrated to after surviving Auschwitz and the German concentration camps, Teri traveled through Europe and moved to California where she works as a Spanish Interpreter. As a Federal Court Interpreter, she serves as the voice of our courts for countless groups and individuals, helping them to understand our legal system while growing more aware of the impact it has on our society through the results of the actions lawmakers and politicians have at the ground level. Teri chronicles her professional life, background, and travels on her professional website, Teri lives in Los Angeles and travels internationally to interpret for various legal firms and conferences. She had the honor of interpreting Obama's 2009 Inaugural speech. Teri has also interpreted for Condoleezza Rice and the Lakers.