Kelly Ripa

The new co-host of the ABC daytime talk show says his first days alongside wife Kelly Ripa "felt so right" as other media outlets amplified his critics.
Consuelos met his wife (and newly minted co-host) Kelly Ripa on the soap opera 28 years ago.
The two shared a lengthy hug before Seacrest delivered some heartfelt remarks of his own.
The two stars were vacationing together when McConaughey’s mom said, “Woody, I knew your dad.’” The actor told Kelly Ripa, “It was a loaded K-N-E-W.”
"Look, at age 25, I was pretty insane,” Consuelos said in response to his wife.
"You’re a true friend. You’re a brother. You’re generous to my wife, to my whole family," Consuelos told Seacrest ahead of his departure from the show.
“This is something that you and I have been talking about for a long time, and it was a tough, tough decision," Seacrest said to co-host Kelly Ripa.
“Not true,” Ripa quickly retorted after Seacrest claimed Cohen snubbed him while they were filming opposing New Year's Eve specials.
Gifford disputed many of Ripa's remarks about their shared colleague Regis Philbin. "My reality is something completely different from that,” she said.