The Best Alcohol Delivery Services To Get You Through Social Distancing

The White Claws are out this Fourth of July — and these alcohol delivery services will get you through your days and nights in.

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Looking for a wine, beer, or spirits delivery service near you that won't break the bank? Check out our guide to the top alcohol delivery services below.
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Looking for a wine, beer, or spirits delivery service near you that won't break the bank? Check out our guide to the top alcohol delivery services below.

The Guinness is foaming and flowing these days, and it’s a sign of the times.

That’s because alcohol delivery services like Drizly have seen sales go up post-quarantine, according to a report from Grub Street.

Many restaurants and bars remain closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some providing only takeaway food and drinks. That means more folks are turning to alcohol delivery services to get their happy hour fix.

As people settle in for a summer at home and plan for outdoor barbecues, socially distanced picnics and trips to the beach, they’re also stocking up on alcohol and beer for the occasion.

And no occasion calls for rosé, beer and White Claws more than the Fourth of July. If you’re hoping to make patriotic cocktails to accompany your red, white and blue recipes, you’re going to need a lot of booze on hand — and fast.

One of the best Fourth of July alcohol delivery deals we’ve seen is from the wine experts at Winc. Get $20 off your first box from Winc with code THE4THOFJULY20 at checkout. (We recommend adding the Outer Sounds Sauvignon Blanc or the Lost Poet Red Blend to your order).

Whether you’ve been missing the occasional happy hour drink or two, or want a wine and charcuterie board for a boozy night in, there are alcohol delivery services that’ll bring the bar to your couch.

From Winc to Saucey, here alcohol delivery services that’ll get drinks to your door:

With Winc, which is a wine membership club, you get four bottles of wine sent to you each month. When you sign up for the service, you take a quiz that asks you six questions about your preferences — like how you drink your coffee, what you think of citrus, and whether you like mushrooms. Then, you can rate the wines you receive to get different recommendations the next time.

Currently, Winc is offering $20 off with code THE4THOFJULY20 at checkout. If you're not sure where to start, we recommend adding the Outer Sounds Sauvignon Blanc and the Lost Poet Red Blend to your order.
The drinks come to you with Drizly, which lets you choose beers, wines and liquors from your local liquor store. Once you order, your alcohol should arrive at your door in less than an hour. You can also add extras to your delivery like snacks, mixers, ice and soda.
Saucey lets you pick from different wines, beers and spirits from merchants nearby, which can mostly be delivered in half an hour or less. Currently, Saucey's offering no delivery fees so you can make that margarita without having to spend a minimum.
FoodKick by FreshDirect
While you might have heard of FreshDirect, you might not know FoodKick, which delivers quick meal hacks, chilled wine and other local products that only the local grocery near you has. The service currently only serves Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. You have to spend at least $30, but with your first order, you can get 30 days of free deliveries. (Usually it's a fee of $5). You might just get in the spirit with these spirits.
While you might have ordered from Postmates to get takeout from your favorite Thai restaurant, the delivery service also can bring booze right to your door, too. It works the same way that food orders do: Type in your address and pick from nearby places that sell wines, beers, champagnes and spirits. The alcohol usually can be delivered in under an hour.
Cheers to that: Last year, Instacart expanded its delivery service to include alcohol, too. If you don't know, Instacart deliveries groceries to your door. Orders can take as little as an hour to arrive. You can choose from stores like Wegmans and Costco. A personal shopper will pick out your items and you can schedule a time for your groceries (and alcohol) to arrive.

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