Blake Lively Deletes Instagrams, Unfollows Ryan Reynolds And We Have Questions


9-1-1, yes this is an emergency: Blake Lively just did the unthinkable ― unfollow Ryan Reynolds on Instagram. 

The “Gossip Girl” star sent her fans into a tailspin on Tuesday when she went dark on Instagram, deleting all of her photos from her account (um, where will we go to feel bad about ourselves now?) and unfollowing all of her celebrity friends along with Reynolds, her husband.

Confused? Us, too. Lively is currently promoting her new mystery film, “A Simple Favor,” co-starring Anna Kendrick. Based on the novel of the same name, the film follows Kendrick’s character as she searches for her best friend named Emily Nelson (Lively) who unexpectedly goes missing. 

Before she scrubbed her social media, Lively posted a cryptic message to her 20 million-plus followers with a picture of a game of hangman.

She later completed the game to spell “What happened to Emily?” which also happens to be her new bio. 

The actress now only follows 28 seemingly random people named Emily Nelson, one of whom was especially shaken by the news that Blake freakin’ Lively deemed her account worthy. 

“Does anyone want to tell me why Blake Lively followed me and had this as a bio,” that one Emily Nelson asked. “Goodbye cruel world some hacker is anti-Emily, my time has come :-)”

Reynolds apparently liked the tweet, signaling that he’s very much in cahoots with his wife, who, in case you forgot, he loves to troll on social media. 

“ALRIGHT SO LONG FUCKING LOSERS MY EGO IS ETERNALLY THROUGH THE ROOF BYE,” the same Emily Nelson wrote after the “Deadpool” actor showed her some love. 

Lively’s BFF Taylor Swift pulled a similar publicity stunt ahead of announcing her latest album “Reputation” last year, only to re-emerge with videos of a slithering snake. 

BRB, changing my name to Emily Nelson. 

“A Simple Favor” hits theaters September 14. 



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