Conservative Columnist Names The Single Thread Holding Donald Trump’s Presidency Together

Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin said the days of Trump "snookering most of the people most of the time are over."

Jennifer Rubin, a conservative columnist for The Washington Post, explained Monday why she believes that Donald Trump’s presidency is “hanging by a thread — the economy.”

In her latest column, Rubin cited a raft of polls which cast doubt on Trump’s fulfillment of his campaign promises to make the case for why his days of “snookering most of the people most of the time are over.”

Rubin noted how it was “historically anomalous to see such negative attitudes toward the president and such pessimism about the direction of the economy” with “unemployment so low and attitudes toward the economy so high.”

“Coupled with the fact that presidents get a disproportionate amount of credit or blame for the economy, one could see his meager approval numbers sinking still further should we enter a period of economic decline,” she added.

Read Rubin’s full column here.

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