Desi Lydic's Face Says It All After 'Humiliating' Trump Exchange With Tim Scott

"The Daily Show" guest host recapped the cringe-inducing moment at Trump's Fox News town hall.

Daily Show” guest host Desi Lydic looked like she had secondhand embarrassment after watching Donald Trump flaunt the vice presidency over Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) at a Fox News town hall.

At the event on Tuesday, Trump spoke about his vice presidential shortlist, and shouted out Scott, who was in the audience.

“He has been much better for me than he was for himself,” Trump said of his former presidential rival, as Scott beamed from his seat. “I watched his campaign, and he doesn’t like talking about himself, but boy does he talk about Trump.”

“I’m sure he talks about him to his therapist,” Lydic said Wednesday. “God, that was so humiliating. Trump basically said, ‘You’re only useful when you talk about how wonderful I am.’ And Tim just had to sit there and smile. I mean, who knew Trump also liked to grab ’em by the balls?”

Lydic also pointed out the moment Trump said that the “VP choice has absolutely no impact.”

“Always remember, Tim,” Lydic said. “No one can not matter quite like you can’t. Now get out there and show the world nothing.”

After ending his campaign in November, Scott endorsed Trump. He has since lavished praise on his onetime rival and campaigned aggressively for him in his home state ahead of Saturday’s South Carolina primary.

Watch below on “The Daily Show.”

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