Jimmy Kimmel And Conan O'Brien Made Tasteless 'Jokes' About Kim Kardashian Being Robbed

Not okay.

Kim Kardashian and the rest of her reality TV family are often targets for late-night hosts’ opening monologues.

Monday night was no different, except this time, hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien told tasteless “jokes” making light of Kardashian being held at gunpoint and robbed in Paris early Monday morning.

“No one was hurt, but in a mansion in Paris, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint,” O’Brien said. “Kim was bound and gagged, then the robbers broke in.”

Kimmel also played down the seriousness of the incident and directed his comments to the would-be thieves behind the robbery.

“We will tolerate a lot of nonsense, but you do not mess with Kim Kardashian West,” he said. “Whether you like her or not, she’s one of us, and if we find out you harmed even a single extension on her People’s Choice Award–winning head, we will find you and make you so Les Misérables, you’ll wish you’d never been born to a woman who doesn’t shave her armpits.”

Kimmel added, “Right now, Ryan Lochte is on the set of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ praying Kim made this whole thing up.”

For all those seemingly unaware of the details (or why these “jokes” are not funny in any way) the very serious ordeal went something like this: the 35-year-old mother of two was alone, wearing only a robe, when she saw two assailants disguised as police break into her room. She scrambled to dial help on her phone, but it was snatched away by one of the men. Fearing sexual assault, Kardashian screamed and pleaded with robbers to spare her life because she had two young children, according to a TMZ source. They then bound the 35-year-old’s ankles and wrists, gagged her and put her in a bathtub before making off with millions of dollars of jewels and some personal items. Somehow, none of that sounds funny.

Unlike the other hosts, James Corden immediately shut down trolls attempting to make jokes about the situation on Twitter.

“People making jokes about Kim Kardashian tonight would do well to remember that she’s a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend,” he tweeted. “Be nice or shut up.”

During Corden’s show on Monday night, the host reiterated his thoughts on Kardashian’s horrifying situation.

“I thought, regardless of whatever you think of someone, it’s someone being held at gunpoint in a room,” he said. “Just don’t say anything. Also, you don’t need to say anything. Just don’t do anything!”

Our sentiments exactly.

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