Jimmy Kimmel Picks The Perfect Punishment For Sarah ‘Hucka-B.S.’ Sanders

The ABC host wants Sanders fired for releasing a doctored video. And he has another suggestion for her future.

Jimmy Kimmel called on President Donald Trump to fire White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for sharing a doctored video. And he had an idea about what should happen to her next. 

Kimmel was among many who said Sanders should resign over the incident, which began with a testy exchange on Wednesday between CNN reporter Jim Acosta and Trump. While Acosta was speaking, a female intern tried several times to pull the microphone away from him. At one point, his hand appeared to brush hers as she again grabbed for the microphone. 

“Pardon me, ma’am,” Acosta said, then tried to continue with his questions. 

But Sanders shared a doctored video of the incident that originated with Infowars, or what Kimmel called “a website for the mentally unbalanced,” to make the incident look worse and revoked Acosta’s White House press pass.

Kimmel slammed what he called her “Huck-B.S. machine.” 

“Jim Acosta clearly never touched that White House intern. That’s just a lie. And I think this also might be the first time I’ve seen Sarah Sanders take the woman’s side on any subject, ever. So good for her. Baby steps! But she should be forced to resign for that.”

“She’s the White House press secretary, she should be fired for that,” he added. “Sarah Huckabee Sanders should be fired and sent to live in a Joanne’s Fabric store for all the rest of her days.” 

See his full takedown in the clip above.