Josh Hawley's Home State Newspaper Chides Him As 'Laughingstock'

Hawley's been widely ridiculed since video showed him fleeing Capitol rioters not long after saluting them.

Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Hawley’s ignominious dash for cover in the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 — after giving a closed-fist salute to insurrectionists — has made him a national “laughingstock,” The Kansas City Star said in a derisive editorial Saturday.

A video of the Missouri native’s sprint to dodge the mob that day was played during televised hearings Thursday of the House Jan. 6 committee. The Missouri newspaper said the clip exposed Hawley, who’s since been widely ridiculed, for the “fleeing coward” he is.

Though, the Star pointed out, humiliation fails to yield change or apology from the cohort of GOP politicians to which Hawley belongs.

“Shame, clearly, is not a motivating factor for any number of Republicans still caught up in Trumpworld,” the Star pointed out.

The publication noted Hawley never apologized for trying to secure a second Donald Trump presidency despite Joe Biden’s proven victory.

“Watching Hawley racing away from the Capitol invaders struck so many people as blackly hilarious,” the Star added. “Saluting the Trump posse was politically expeditious for him before the siege began.

“Where’s that fist in the air now?” the publication asked.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch was just as damning in its own Friday editorial, saying Hawley’s run “encapsulated his core cowardice” and “demonstrated beyond any doubt that Hawley understood, in real time, the physical danger he helped uncork that day.”

Last year, the newspaper slammed the senator as “phony” for pushing Trump’s election lies.

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