Son's Photo-Swap Prank Makes Kim Jong Un Part Of The Family

His mom didn't notice until the prank went viral.

A man in central England pranked his mom by replacing a framed photograph of himself with a portrait of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Ben Slater, from Derby, then waited for more than two weeks for his mother to notice. The ruse finally ended after his brother, Jake Slater, posted this to Twitter on Friday:

The post went viral and soon came to their mom’s attention.

Someone showed her my tweet,” Jake Slater told Mashable. “But she said if she wasn’t shown it then it could of been up there for years and she still wouldn’t of had a clue.”

As of Tuesday morning, the tweet had garnered more than 145,000 likes.

Some Twitter users pointed out that they’d pulled similar stunts in the past: