Laura Ingraham Hits Tim Scott With 'Uncomfortable' Question About Trump

The Fox News host asked Scott about Trump's "pretty tough" words for someone he has deemed a "friend."

Fox NewsLaura Ingraham quizzed Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) about how he felt when Donald Trump got “pretty tough” on former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley following his New Hampshire primary win on Tuesday.

The question comes over a decade after Haley, Trump’s GOP rival, appointed Scott to his Senate seat in 2013.

Scott, who dropped out of the Republican presidential race in November, has since expressed his “love” for the GOP front-runner while standing behind him as he slammed Haley in front of his supporters Tuesday.

Ingraham, on Wednesday, asked Scott whether it was “uncomfortable up there” as the former president went after his state’s former governor.

“Nikki Haley’s your buddy. These things are uncomfortable. You’re sitting up there and he’s pretty tough on her last night. I mean, it was pretty tough,” said Ingraham, who noted that Trump went after Haley’s dress.

“I probably wouldn’t have recommended that he go after the dress. I mean, that’s Trump. But was it uncomfortable for you because of your friendship with her?”

Scott has referred to Haley – who served as U.N. ambassador under Trump – as “incredible,” “a barrier breaker & role model,” an “invaluable asset” to the Trump administration for “strengthening” U.S. ties abroad and a “friend” in social media posts following her time as South Carolina governor.

But the two clashed as their fight for the GOP nomination kicked off last year.

Scott told Ingraham on Wednesday that Haley “served our state well as a conservative governor.”

“She has decided to be a moderate Republican presidential candidate,” he added.

“She said she’s not a globalist,” Ingraham noted before Scott went on to criticize Haley on Social Security and emphasized border security.

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