Global Artists Come Together For Anti-Trump Track Celebrating Queer Love

"You will not ignore us."

At a time when the daily onslaught of news out of Washington seems bleak (to say the least), a handful of artists are coming together to present a message of support, community and love for one another ― and the world at large ― in the face of extreme turmoil.

A powerful example of this is “Love Makes The World,” a new video from collaborative duo and queer married couple Sateen and Exquisite, which brings together a group of diverse artists from NYC and around the world, including Amanda Lepore, Rify Royalty, Stephanie Stone, Merrie Cherry, Will Sheridan, Sussi Suss, Violet Chachki, Love Bailey and more.

Sateen and Exquisite told The Huffington Post that they wrote “Love Makes The World” immediately after President Donald Trump won the election as a way of redirecting their anger into something positive.

“The tides seem in favor of Trump and people like him, but we and many people like us have awoken to an alternate vision of the world,” the pair told The Huffington Post. “We want him to know that we believe in dismantling the patriarchy. We want to stress to him that equality for the entire spectrum of humanity, whether it be race, creed, or gender, is not a debatable issue. There is no ‘alternative fact’ to the objective reality that countless injustices have been and are being forced upon so many of the people whom he has supposedly been elected to represent. But most importantly, we would tell him, ‘you will not ignore us.’

Check out the uplifting video for “Love Makes The World” above and head here to see more from Sateen and Exquisite.