Mary Trump Explains How Her Uncle's Been 'Tripped Up' By Merrick Garland

"Garland is playing chess. Donald can only play checkers," Donald Trump's niece said.

Mary Trump said Thursday she’s quite certain her estranged uncle, Donald Trump, was not expecting Attorney General Merrick Garland to call his bluff and publicly announce he was releasing the search warrant executed at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago residence this week.

“He’s probably having a very difficult time processing this because, you know, Donald is a coward and a bully,” Mary Trump, a psychologist and author, said of her uncle on MSNBC. “He only attacks if he believes there will be no counterattack.”

“Garland is playing chess. Donald can only play checkers. So, he’s being outmaneuvered,” she added. “He’s also gotten tripped up. It never occurred to Donald that somebody who looks like Merrick Garland and talks like Merrick Garland is actually a ninja.”

Garland announced Thursday that he had personally approved the decision for the FBI to seek a warrant to search Trump’s Palm Beach, Florida, home on Monday, adding that the Justice Department was moving to make the warrant public.

In the days since the search, Trump has attacked the Justice Department and FBI and called the search a politically motivated “witch hunt.”

Trump received a copy of the warrant but has declined to release it himself, giving sparse details about the purpose of the search while pushing self-serving conspiracy theories that any damaging materials found at his residence were planted there by the FBI.

Authorities were reportedly looking for any potentially sensitive classified materials that had been taken from the White House, which reportedly may have included sensitive documents related to nuclear weapons. The Justice Department had reportedly sent Trump a subpoena last spring seeking the return of those materials.

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