A Fly On Mike Pence's Head During The VP Debate Drew The Buzziest Reactions

People on Twitter joked that the bug on the vice president's head during the debate with Kamala Harris should probably get tested for COVID-19.

Imagine you’re a fly. You’re zipping along and see a soft, white surface. You land and look up. You realize you’re at the 2020 vice presidential debate and you’re seated atop the head of Vice President Mike Pence.

This was the reality of one insect at the debate on Wednesday night.

More than halfway through the debate between Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris, public attention veered off from the responses of the two presidential running mates to zero in on the bug on Pence’s coiffure.

The buzz was plentiful on Twitter, so we’ve done you the favor of rounding up the buzziest of the bunch:

Even Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden offered a response to the fly:

And, of course, there were numerous Twitter pages set up for the fly itself:

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