'Morning Joe' Slaps Donald Trump With Scathing Supercut Of His Coronavirus Rhetoric

The video montage showed Trump's marked change in tone for his Oval Office address. But how long will it last?

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” kicked off the show Thursday by highlighting Donald Trump’s contradictory rhetoric on the coronavirus pandemic.

A montage contrasted the president’s peddling of falsehoods and downplaying of COVID-19 to the more somber way he announced a 30-day ban on some travel from Europe in a televised address from the Oval Office on Wednesday night.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski described Trump’s shift in tone as “whiplash,” which she pointed out continued when Trump said “cargo would be restricted from Europe, causing the markets to quiver” and then “the White House said, ‘Actually, no, no, no, cargo will not actually be restricted.’”

Check out the supercut and “Morning Joe” commentary here:

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