#PickUpLinesForRepublicans Swoons Twitter

I often sit right up at the bar, because it's very important to be as close to the drinks as possible. In my opinion, tables are for amateurs. A bar seat's particularly essential at the airport. You don't want to be scrambling for the check when your gate changes. So, on my recent trip, I was perched on a stool when I noticed a guy wearing a "Trump 2016" button. This was my first sighting of such a thing in the wild, and I figured it was either ironic, or a part of his Halloween costume that he'd forgotten to remove. Moments later, he asked the lady behind the bar, "Hey, turn it to Fox News." Ah, a command, not a request, and one shouted at someone 10 seats down serving another patron. It was now evident that the pin was not for novelty's sake. She finished with her customer and started flipping through the channels while he tossed a few greasy pick-up lines her way. She wasn't enchanted with his candour; I guess not all people are charmed by the entitled and condescending.

In recent months I had created several popular political hashtags including #SignsYourRightWing, #WhenTrumpIsElected and #DonaldTrumpsDiary. I thought it would be fun to see if I could get #PickUpLinesForRepublicans going strong on Twitter, so on Monday morning I fired off this tweet, announcing the original hashtag with a topical joke.

To set the pace and get the ball rolling, I followed it up with this.

Within seconds the replies had me howling.

I actually choked on my coffee when I read these.

Yes, a thousand times. LOL.

With a tag this big, the repeats were inevitable, but the first to make this joke was @Fact_eur.

Ben Carson, this tweet's for you.

Well played Jeff.

Pure awesome.

Who'd of thought the Patriot Act could sound so hot?

Comedy writer Bryan Behar had a field day with this hashtag and his timeline was pure gold, but this was my favourite.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Conservatives actually used these two.

Eventually it happened -- the cheerful Republicans of Twitter attempted to do their own thing with #PickUpLinesForDemocrats. It did not go well. Here's a couple of the top tweets.

Note that her bio proudly states she's a Christian. Gotta love those religious "values".

It's a day later and #PickUpLinesForRepublicans is still in the trends with nearly 20K tweets. Thanks to everyone that chimed in for a laugh, and to that guy in the airport bar with the "Trump 2016" pin, congratulations this epic hashtag is all your fault.

Tommy Campbell