Trump Says Democrats Are Playing GOP 'Like A Fiddle' On Border Wall

Republican legislators have delayed the battle over wall funding until after the midterm elections.

President Donald Trump on Saturday lashed out at Republican legislators for slow-walking consideration of his demand for border wall funding until after the November midterm elections.

A spending bill to keep the federal government running past Sept. 30 reportedly will not include funding for the wall, which was Trump’s key presidential campaign promise.

GOP leaders were hopeful that the president would be satisfied with a battle after the elections. But Trump on Saturday blamed the funding failure on the Democrats, who don’t have the legislative clout to put the brakes on. He said the Republican leadership is being “played like a fiddle by the Democrats.”

Only last week, Trump said at a campaign rally that the delay in the funding discussion was fine with him.

“We are getting the wall done. But I’ve had so many people, good people, great people, they’d rather not do it before, they’d rather do it right after the [midterm] elections,” he told Fox News.

Several people responding to Trump on Twitter Saturday couldn’t help but point out that he promised during his campaign that Mexico would fund the wall.