Tucker Carlson Name-Checks White Nationalist Website On His Primetime Fox News Show

The “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host also defended right-wing conspiracy theorists Laura Loomer and Alex Jones.

Tucker Carlson dedicated a segment on his primetime Fox News show on Tuesday to railing against PayPal for banning right-wing conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones and Laura Loomer from using its online payment service.

The host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” also name-checked white nationalist website in his rant, which the website appeared to enjoy:

Carlson accused the left of allying with big corporations, such as PayPal, to weaken the First Amendment by making “it impossible for people who say the wrong things to make a living in this country.”

He said PayPal CEO Dan Schulman didn’t really mean it when he said in an interview published by The Wall Street Journal this week that diversity and inclusion are the company’s top values.

Carlson continued:

Like most on the left, what Shulman actually wants is utter conformity, a world where only approved opinions are allowed. Last year PayPal banned Alex Jones from using its platform for saying things they didn’t like. They’ve also banned anti-Muslim activist Laura Loomer, the publication VDare and a number of other people and organizations whose speech they believe should be silenced.

Check out the clip here: