Lenny Dykstra

"This sure beats a six-by-ten prison cell."
Making poor choices in selecting money-managers can also be disastrous, even though league officials often set up programs
"Happy Valley" got rocked by a sex scandal this weekend. A former Penn State assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, was arrested and charged with 40 counts of assaulting eight young boys over a 15-year period.
Three of baseball's glamour franchises now have managerial openings, the Red Sox, Cardinals and Cubs. Just wondering why the name Bobby Valentine isn't being tossed around?
Time flies. Seven years ago tonight I was at the old Yankee Stadium when the Red Sox finally did it, they vanquished the Yankees after trailing three games to none.
This promises to be a fascinating U.S. Open starting Monday. Is anyone healthy? Will somebody come out of nowhere to make the finals?
Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano was in line to win the other day, until his bullpen let him down. Zambrano cut loose with words like "embarrassing" and "we stink." Is everyone taking truth serum in baseball?
The champion Lakers lost their opening playoff game to New Orleans, while the Celtics knocked off the Knicks on a clutch Ray Allen three-pointer.
Maybe it's the inflated ego or the itch to do something with those millions of dollars just laying around, but some celebrities
The rise and fall of Trader Monthly -- a glossy magazine dedicated to chronicling the lives of spoiled Wall Street traders
(NOTE: A headline in a previous version of the this post inaccurately stated that Lenny Dykstra was paid by Jim Cramer's
It is also not known whether Madoff will play for the "shirts" or the "skins" in the upcoming prison yard bat-less baseball
The other ski drops. A Polish cross country skier has failed a doping test at the Olympics. She helped Poland to a 6th place finish in a relay event.
The problems continue for Lenny Dykstra. Last year he was excoriated on the "Daily Show" shortly after he filed for bankruptcy
Tiger Woods' caddy, Steve Williams, says he didn't know anything about Woods' affairs. Presumably Williams said it with a straight face.
So what kind of specifics are behind that kind of financial prowess? In this week's "Premium Forecast," Dykstra offers this