anthony anderson

He "low-bridged" star Chadwick Boseman flat on his back in a basketball game and everyone freaked.
"Black Panther" won Outstanding Motion Picture and Beyoncé won Entertainer of the Year.
The actor "unequivocally disputes" the accusation, a spokesperson said.
Differences between ABC and showrunner Kenya Barris led to the cancellation.
Tracee Ellis Ross spoke out about her compensation on the hit ABC series “Black-ish” and the rumors that she’d scale back her role unless her salary was raised to match that of co-star Anthony Anderson.
The actress said a report that she threatened to appear in fewer episodes was wrong.
The Johnson family reminds America why everyone should recognize the contributions of black Americans.
"They’re stories that we all ... have dealt with. You’re just getting it from the Johnson family perspective."
"It doesn’t matter if you’re on TV... this can still happen to you."
Kenya Barris explains why the topic is simply "ridiculous."
The comedic chemistry between on-screen husband and wife, Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross is undeniable. That's why