anthony anderson

The guest host relished the late night spotlight as he took on the COVID-19 resurgence.
The "Black-ish" actor said in his monologue that the terrible gig involved "COVID juice" and "white people."
"Tethered. The Johnsons do it again,” Tracee Ellis Ross wrote.
Amid a host-free awards ceremony, the show featured some screwball comedy and the "Breaking Bad" actor giving a speech about the power of TV.
He "low-bridged" star Chadwick Boseman flat on his back in a basketball game and everyone freaked.
"Black Panther" won Outstanding Motion Picture and Beyoncé won Entertainer of the Year.
The actor "unequivocally disputes" the accusation, a spokesperson said.
Differences between ABC and showrunner Kenya Barris led to the cancellation.
Tracee Ellis Ross spoke out about her compensation on the hit ABC series “Black-ish” and the rumors that she’d scale back her role unless her salary was raised to match that of co-star Anthony Anderson.