Imperial Valley Ministries lured victims with the promise of food and shelter -- then stole their welfare benefits and refused to relinquish identification documents, authorities said.
The announcement comes as Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers is unraveling.
The former Democratic presidential nominee made it clear that the WikiLeaks co-founder's arrest is "not about punishing journalism."
This is the second arrest Friday after multiple online threats against Charlottesville schools.
The singer was detained by police in Paris after a woman filed a complaint accusing him of raping her at his hotel.
Police say the former "To Catch a Predator" host broke multiple promises to pay for marketing merchandise.
It involves Burger King wrappers, a cabin and Trump's name written large.
Video shows NYPD punching and tasering a 24-year-old man has sparked an investigation.
Juan David Ortiz is in police custody in connection with the killings.
A man was arrested for sharing his meal with a woman. But in Saudi Arabia, it’s against gender segregation policies to intermingle in the workplace.
This story sounds like a load of bull -- but watch for yourself as these cows steer cops straight to a runaway suspect.
A local newspaper reported the suspected attacker is now in police custody.
A woman was arrested after being caught on camera shouting racial slurs at bus passengers.
One suspect was killed, another is in custody following the early Sunday shooting in Trenton.
Milwaukee Police released bodycam footage showing the arrest and tasing of Milwaukee Bucks player Sterling Brown in January 2018.
The incident ended with 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons handcuffed and topless on the restaurant floor.
A train attendant said the actor appeared very intoxicated.
A band of thieves walked right into the arms of police after stealing more than $2200 worth of goods from a Seattle Costco.
The reports could jeopardize the political future of retired Rep. John Conyers' son.