budget negotiations

Just how bad is a shutdown, anyway? Polls clearly show that the American people see government shutdowns as serious problems
There's plenty of talk but not much action.
Evidence from the states that have expanded Medicaid to non-elderly adults with incomes below 138 percent of the poverty line demonstrates the Medicaid expansion's substantial benefits, all of which would be lost under the Senate Republican leaders' bill
The coming months may be the last best chance to eliminate spending caps in the Obama era.
Republicans say they're ready to talk in September -- just before government funding runs out.
As a professional mediator I've learned that persuasion is not about dragging someone along. And, it's not about manipulating or tricking them either. Instead, persuasion is about getting people to see a bigger picture and buy into your ideas.
It's of course tempting to decry the president's budget as "dead on arrival" but I wouldn't be nearly so quick to go there. Here are a number of ways that some of the ideas that the administration trotted out Tuesday will be referenced in months and even years to come.
WASHINGTON, Jan 13 (Reuters) - Negotiators in the U.S. Congress have reached agreement on a $1 trillion spending bill for