bystander intervention

"The cop ... dove on the kid and started whaling on him," a witness said.
Crown wrote, "Klique encourages users to come and leave with their group of friends, as the majority of the time sexual assault
Tragedy brings opportunity ― opportunity to refocus our priorities, to raise our level of awareness. So when the Stanford
The looming threat of sexual violence has turned festivals into unsafe places for many music fans, particularly women.
The NFL is pouring $10 million into local rape and domestic violence support groups's programs.
A bystander intervened because "something seemed weird," and the victim says he's a hero.
Hundreds of colleges are using a sexual assault prevention program that doesn't even require people to use the word "rape."
I guess what I keep learning over and over, is that when I am authentic, vulnerable, and coming from the place of trying to make a difference, then the audiences will come along with me for the ride.
Considering these factors and our cultural context together, it becomes clear that change will not come easily or quickly. Yet, with thoughtful, specialized outreach, we can and should find ways to reach students during this psychologically and emotionally tumultuous time of their adult lives.
Should more universities follow Dartmouth's lead?