Cassidy Hutchinson

Retired D.C. police officer Mark Robinson has also testified before the Jan. 6 committee.
Hutchinson, a former White House aide, testified under oath that McCarthy called her to say "Don't come up here" to the Capitol that day.
Were agents “part of an effort to intimidate Cassidy Hutchinson? We need answers,” said Norm Eisen.
Audience jumped 28% from previous hearing to tune into riveting testimony about Donald Trump on insurrection day.
“What are they doing over there? They have a much greater opportunity to enforce their subpoenas than our legislative committee does," said the Jan. 6 panel member.
Kinzinger says more evidence is emerging that supports testimony that President Trump wanted to join an angry riot that marched to the Capitol.
“We all know from past experiences Donald Trump doesn’t care about anybody else but Donald Trump,” said Kurt Bardella.
Hutchinson, a former aide to Donald Trump's chief of staff Mark Meadows, has faced backlash from Republicans following her testimony before the Jan. 6 panel.
The popular progressive House member had just watched Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony at the Jan. 6 hearing when Stephen Colbert popped the question.
"The Daily Show" host feasted on the former president's allegedly violent table manners.