The newspaper’s editorial vows that Trump “won’t conquer the bedrock values this nation was founded on."
The fast-food giant is giving free Whoppers to people dressed like clowns at some locations.
The World Clown Association (yes, that’s a thing) is worried that the new big screen adaption of Stephen King’s horror classic "It" will lead kids to fear clowns.
One person wondered if mimes will silently boycott the Alamo Drafthouse event.
The suspect had duct-taped the weapon to his amputated arm, police said.
How'd you like to wake up to a clown doll dangling above your bed?
Police officers arrived on the scene with their guns drawn.
The "Lavender" music video offers a topical commentary on the president and police brutality.
Donald Trump has always been a parody. His constituents, with fulsome media connivance, led him speech by speech, rally by
Since "It" and Gacy, killer clowns have invaded the public consciousness with plenty of movies, TV shows, and books to fuel our nightmares. Now, it's spread into real life and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.
Clowns are currently scaring people across the world. I talked to Josh Zeman, a filmmaker and expert on urban legends, about this phenomenon.
These were beautiful souls. Not molestors and stalkers and worse. And at my kid's school, just 90 seconds down the hill, they've
By Julia Naftulin This is an actual text message I received from a friend last week: “What if I get attacked by a clown on