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When he was twelve years old, Florida-based Jake Marcionette released his debut book, Just Jake, a loosely autobiographical, laugh-out-loud comedy adventure.
Since then, the Badgers have not only lost just twice, they've also changed point guards, shifting away from previously injured
It's not every day you get to here what really happens on the court -- as the final seconds tick down to a NCAA national championship. But that's exactly what happened to me on Friday when I had a chance to chat with Duke legend Jay Williams
Together, the four coaches have combined for a stellar 26 Final Fours. Izzo (above) has been to seven since 1999, Cal has
We were both on the brink of achieving our dreams -- his was a huge, national one, mine was a clichéd, personal one -- but there are threads of similarity in our struggles. However, what makes us different is that he has stopped chasing the ghost of his pre-injury life. I have not.
FICTION -- Duke and NC State have been awfully impressive, but what about the Tar Heels? Despite their 4 seed, this remains
Click below to watch Hill's take on Jahlil Okafor and the one-and-done rule. Click below to watch Hill discuss Bryant's longevity
BATTLE-TESTED Deep runs in March are fueled by great guard play -- just look at last year's champ, Connecticut, who underperformed
Krzyzewski isn't just a coach these days, but an institution. The framework of the entire university is shaped by his program, and in turn, by Cameron Indoor itself. Etched in my memory are the slate of banners hung in the rafters, one after another, after another. Four national titles, 11 Final Fours -- and Krzyzewski's latest accomplishment, 1,000 career wins, an unprecedented feat and a banner that rightfully hangs all by itself.
I’m just looking forward to the amount of space and the amount of plays there are gonna be. The easy job of just showing
"Leading by example has always been my staple, and that’s why I was a captain in past years -- because I was able to lead
The next step for me is a lot of steps, but I think the one thing that I talked to the Duke staff about is getting down there
The Bears, champions of the Atlantic Sun Conference, were starstruck by the visit from the Duke coach who has four national
Points Galore Track Meet Which Kentucky Will Show Up? Not since Jimmer Fredette has college basketball seen a player so polarizing