Charlotte Gill says that customers who eat her cannabis-laced crustaceans won't test positive for marijuana.
Now that the days are getting longer and spring has sprung, here are some of the coolest things I've been enjoying around town.
C. granulatawas about 0.6 inches (15 millimeters) long and showed distinctive features to suggest it was a spider crab, including
According to i09, the now-extinct Fuxianhuia lived more than half a billion years ago in seas that have since dried up, leaving
While Stoddard is putting the animal up for sale, he says he won't let the owners eat the unusual creature. And that's a
ScienceNOW, the daily online news service of the journal Science Plankton bring the flea circus to the ocean. Like flying
"Michael Jackson's music will no doubt live a very long time and influence many people so I think the name is appropriate