daniel franzese

The LA-based artist appears opposite "Mean Girls" actor Daniel Franzese in "La Bufadora," a song that recalls a difficult trip he took with his husband.
Playing Damian in Tina Fey's teen classic, which turns 15 this week, holds personal significance for the actor-comedian.
The actor and Joseph Bradley Phillips have called it quits.
The actor says Phillips bullied, body-shamed and assaulted him on the set of their 2001 film.
“This is like going to Vegas and picking out a prostitute!”
The actor popped the question to his longtime beau at Starbucks.
Because "getting in trouble with the Internet is not real."
None of us have the same story and path. There will never be one face of HIV, but the more of us who come out HIV+, the more understanding there will be. To see the transformation we want, it's vital to bring HIV back into the public conversation.
Big things are happening for Daniel Franzese. He publicly came out, created a string of popular parody videos on YouTube, landed his role on Looking, and is now an ambassador for the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. I got the chance to to talk to Mr. Franzese about his new role in HIV/AIDS advocacy.