Dearborn, Michigan

The Catholic high school in Dearborn, Michigan, initially said teachers would hand out the ponchos at prom if female students did not wear an appropriate dress.
With a large population of Muslim and Arab Americans, Dearborn has the most per capita residents on a shadowy and unaccountable watchlist. It is nearly impossible to find out if you’re on it, let alone get your name off.
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When one looks at the state of our country where fascism and Nazism is on the rise, it is easy to forget that there are pockets of hope.
Another week, another Islamophobic assertion from the Republican presidential race. So, here's my message to Teddy-boy: The only protection Dearborn needs is protection from politicians like you! Dearborn is a model America should be following, not fearing.
What would it look like if the rest of America followed Dearborn's example? What if, instead of trying to make Dearborn like the rest of America, the rest of America looked like Dearborn?
Race is a national, indeed, human paradox of shocking volatility. Its reality is far more sociopolitical than it is scientific and objective -- "in the blood" -- and to disturb this paradox, as Dolezal did, is to activate a national fault line that sets everything shaking.
Please, don't listen to Rush Limbaugh or the guy who made this video. Dearborn's a diverse, wonderful city. Dearborn is what the rest of the world would look like if people learned how to get along.
It's all too predictable that some Muslims, as tragically disturbed and misguided as alleged Chapel Hill killer Craig Stephen Hicks seemingly is, will take matters into their own hands. That's one thing I'm afraid of. But I'm also afraid of the opposite -- that Muslim communities around the US will be terrorized into cowering timidity.
Here in Dearborn, Michigan, we're now offering high school students the chance to get a diploma and an associates degree in five years. If they complete the program, the student will have paid nothing.
And with that, there is nothing more to say. In case you hadn't heard, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins has
Next week, Arab American leaders from a dozen key electoral states will convene in Washington to map out a political strategy for 2016. Despite the very real challenges facing these leaders, this generation of Arab Americans can approach the future with some confidence given the progress that has been made the last three decades.
Dawud Walid, executive leader of Michigan's branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, is advising Muslims to simply
For those of us who've worked with Dearborn Michigan's Arab American community during the past three decades, victories in this past week's municipal elections were more than just big news. They represent confirmation of our belief in the strength and vitality of the Arab American community.
Every time one of these attacks happen, I hear the insecure pleas of Muslim Americans trying to reassure others that "Not all Muslims are like that." They are continually shut out of the discussion and alienated for trying to say it.
The fatal combination of being on the outs with Wall Street and the atrophy of the size of the business proved insurmountable and culminated in today's failure.
A small boost for a district that finds itself caught in the middle means protecting it from falling to the high-need end of the scale where investment will be more costly and return on investment will take more time.
If viewers have not yet been convinced that this show is about being American as much as it is about being Muslim, this episode clinches it. The characters' words and actions constantly speak to their deep sense of patriotism.
Meanwhile, in an effort to gain her mother's approval for her new club, Nina prepares to dress conservatively and pay a rare
"When we play schools away from Dearborn, they start calling us names," one football player says. "I think the show will