Downing Street

The prime minister allegedly attended a BYOB bash during the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 — and his spokesman ducked over a dozen questions about it.
The British prime minister, who was infected earlier this year, does not currently have symptoms and will keep working from Downing Street, his office said.
The "chief mouser" sat underneath the president's limo and reportedly refused to move during his state visit to the U.K.
Britain is due to leave the European Union at the end of next week, but May is seeking to delay Brexit for a second time.
May has faced intense pressure over her handling of Brexit.
It is time for the UK to stand up for what is in Britain's national interest and make it crystal clear that it will veto Ms. Malcorra candidacy. Not only over concerns over the Falkland Islands, but also because her track record serving at the very top of the UN during a scandal revealed her poor character.
The Daily Mail raised eyebrows this weekend when it published a story alleging a mysterious sex affair has forced the British
After enacting extreme austerity measure in the UK with the promise that cutting spending would solve the economic crisis, the Conservative government has a lot of explaining to do after it was announced last week that Britain was falling back into recession again.
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