Dr. Phil divorce

Leslie and Andy were married for seven years, and Andy has primary custody of their 5-year-old son — though Leslie, who admits
Michelle says after her divorce six years ago, her children moved on with their lives without her, so she turned to her friends
Chris and his ex-wife, Kelly, can't stand each other, and each claims the other is a terrible parent. "My ex-wife, Kelly
If you’re a parent who’s gone through a divorce, your child’s life has been shaken to the core. Your son or daughter may
Alyssa, 23, says her estranged husband, Mario, 25, was so controlling she felt like she was living in a prison, so she had
“I believe that Dan sexually molested our daughter,” says Gina about her ex-husband. “When Alexis was 2 ½, out of the blue
Amid accusations that include abuse, inappropriate touching, poisoning ice cream, and even putting a child in a garbage bag
Sandra and Joey are in the middle of a bitter custody battle, with shocking accusations, claims of abuse, and two little
Leslie and Andy's 5-year-old son sent Dr. Phil this message: "Dr. Phil, can you get my Mommy and Daddy back together so they
"Kids have a personal truth. They have what they believe about themselves," explains Dr. Phil. And that personal truth can